At the table! Protect your baby's outfit easily with this fine terry cloth bib. The bib is made of soft terry cloth and absorbs moisture easily. The bib is striped and available in the colours Biscuit and Leaf Green. In addition, the bibs are made of GOTS. Extra sweet for your little one! That makes it perfect for when discovering food and when your little one drools a lot. The soft bib can easily be put on and taken off with the special Velcro fastener.

A bib is very useful when eating at the table at home, but also nice to always have a bib in your bag when you go out. This way you always protect the clothes of your mini everywhere and you can enjoy watching your baby discover his first bites. The bibs are in a handy 2-pack, so you always have a supply. You never have enough of bibs.


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