Thanks for discovering our brand/online shop.

Meet me,  founder and creative director behind Cocoomade, mom of two, who lives in Belgium.  
The idea had been around already for a many years, but Cocoomade was born right after I became a mom to our first born Made. 

Cocoomade stands for creating ecologically responsible handmade items/moments, which will each spread their own touch of happiness. 
Our brand/shop consists of collections handmade accessories - decoration items, driedflower creations, gifts and unique clothing brands. 

In addition to our already extensive range of products online, we love to create personalized concepts. Birth concepts, baptisms, baby showers or even weddings, shops and restaurants stylings.

Are you looking for a unique styling for your unique moment/unique business?
Please do not hesitate to contact us
 So happy to help you out! 

Cause .. only the best, is good enough! 
Cocoomade x