about cocoomade
Thanks for discovering our brand. 

Meet me,  founder and creative director behind Cocoomade, a newly mom who lives in Belgium.  

The idea had been around for a few years, but Cocoomade was born after I became a mother to our first born Made. I was inspired by him to design functional  pieces, different from many others but timeless and easy to wear.
But most important, that all clothing I created was made from environmentally friendly materials and dyes, as good as possible for my babies skin as for our nature and environment. - Face it - There are enough things to worry about as a first time mom of an allergic sensitive baby without having to think about chemicals in many production processes of our clothing. 

All Cocoomade clothing is a perfect blend of organic cotton, organic bamboo and linen clothing pieces, which means they are breathable comfortable, stretchy en soft. It also means that they are sustainable, eco-friendly and timeless. This all, in clean and neutral color palettes, subtle prints and unisex pieces. 

Besides our clothing, we also have a collection of handmade accessories and decoration. All accessories are handmade out of cotton Oeko-tex certified rope. 

Cause .. only the best, is good enough! 
Cocoomade x